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40 things I learned about the writing craft in 40 years

Friday, 8 January 2016

10 Amazing Social Media Growth Stats From 2015

1) Global Active Internet Users now totals 3.175 Billion, that’s nearly half of the world’s population (7.357 Billion).

2) As for Social Media, there are over 2.206 Billion active users, a global penetration of 30%.

3) There are 3.734 Billion Unique Mobile Users as of this quarter, accounting for a 51% worldwide penetration. 

4) 1.925 Billion users utilise their mobiles for Social Media platforms. - 

5) Social Media users have risen by 176 Million in the last year. 

6) 365 Million active mobile social users have been added over the same time span, an incredible total growth of 541 Million.

7) Facebook adds ½ million new users every day; 6 new profiles every second. An ever-expanding market worth tapping into.

8) Mobile users constitute half of the world’s population, and 2 million smart phones are sold worldwide every single day. 
9) 12 new active mobile social users are added every second, that’s 1 Million per day. 

10)  WhatsApp has gained 300 Million new users y/y August 2014/2015, a year on year growth of 60%. 

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Social Media Statics 2014

Social Media Stats 2014
Facebook: 1.28bn Users
1.01 billion mobile monthly active users as of March 31, 2014
72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month
Number of Facebook users in India alone is over 100 Million
There are more than 50 Million Facebook pages
Most common reason to unlike a Facebook page is uninteresting posts
75% of the engagement on a post happens in first 5 hours

G+ 540 Million monthly active users 1.6 Billion+ total users
Average time spent on Google+ is 7 minutes per month
22% of online adults visit Google+ once in a monthTweet
Google+ is the most misunderstood platform so far(?)
 53% of interaction between a Google+ user and Brand is positive

Twitter: 255 Million monthly active users 1 Billion+ total users
500 million Tweets are sent per day
78% of Twitter's active users are on mobile
44% of users have never sent a Tweet, consider them inactive
391 Million Twitter accounts have no followers
46% of Twitter users tweet at least once in a day

Instagram: 200 Million monthly active users Still counting total users
20 Billion+ photos has been shared on Instagram to date
23% of teens consider Instagram as their favorite social network
50 Million users signed up to Instagram in last six months
Thailand alone has 1.5 million Instagram users
LinkedIn 187 Million monthly active users 300 Million+ total users
More than 2 users sign-up for LinkedIn every second
There are over 39 million students & recent college graduates on LinkedIn
LinkedIn reaches a total of 200 countries and territories geographically
41% of LinkedIn visits are via Mobile
44K is the average number of daily LinkedIn mobile Job applications

Pinterest: 40 Million monthly active users 70 Million+ total users
80% of Pinterest users are female
158 is the average number of pins from female users
84% of Women and 50% of Men on Pinterest stay active
92% of Pinterest pins are done by Women
23% of Pinterest users use it at least once in a day

Vine: Counting monthly active users 40 Million+ total users
Vine has changed the way marketing teams look at video
5 Vines are tweets every second
Weekends are the most popular time for Vine sharing
3 of the 5 most retweeted Vines ever are by Musicians
30 Million
monthly active users

Snapchat 60 Million+ total users
Number of Snapchat snaps per day is 400 Million
70% of Snapchat users are female
12% of Snapchat snaps are shared with multiple recipients
5% of overall selfies shared on social media are from Snapchat
50% of Norway smartphone users use

YouTube 1 Billion+ total users
80% of traffic is from outside US
6 Billion hours of video is watched on YouTube per month
100 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube per minute
40% of YouTube traffic comes from Mobile
1 Billion is the average YouTube mobile videos views per day

Blogs: 6.7 Million+ people blog via blogging sites
77% of internet users read blogs
12 Million+ people blog via Social Networks
23% of internet time is spent on blogs and social networks
Companies with a blog have 97% more inbound links than others
B2B marketers using blogs generate 67% more leads

Digital Insites: (where you get a lovely graphic)

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12 Examples of Native Ads (And Why They Work)

by  From Copyblogger

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

March 9, 2014

If you’re an average reader, I’ve got your attention for 15 seconds, so here goes: We are getting a lot wrong about the web these days. We confuse what people have clicked on for what they’ve read. We mistake sharing for reading. We race towards new trends like native advertising without fixing what was wrong with the old ones and make the same mistakes all over again.

Here’s where we started to go wrong: In 1994, a former direct mail marketer called Ken McCarthy came up with the clickthrough as themeasure of ad performance on the web. ---- It flooded the web with spam, linkbait, painful design and tricks that treated users like lab rats. Where TV asked for your undivided attention, the web didn’t care as long as you went click, click, click. ----
In 20 years, everything else about the web has been transformed, but the click remains unchanged, we live on the click web. But something is happening to the click web. Spurred by new technology and plummeting click-through rates, what happens between the clicks is becoming increasingly important and the media world is scrambling to adapt. Sites like the New York Times are redesigning themselves in ways that place less emphasis on the all-powerful click. New upstarts like Medium andUpworthy are eschewing pageviews and clicks in favor of developing their own attention-focused metrics. Native advertising, advertising designed to hold your attention rather than simply gain an impression, is growing at an incredible pace. 

Myth 1: We read what we’ve clicked on
Myth 2: The more we share the more we read
Myth 3: Native advertising is the savior of publishing 
Myth 4: Banner ads don’t work 

read the Myths here:

Inside the Buzz-Fueled Media Startups Battling for Your Attention

From Wired:

The media has always been at war for your attention—and has always come up with new ways to win it. When sensational headlines screaming in 72-point type weren’t effective enough, it hired newsies to stand in the street and holler at passersby. William Randolph Hearst used his press to launch a war with Spain in the pursuit of selling more papers. (Blood makes the best clickbait of all—to use the industry jargon, “if it bleeds it leads.”) The network news interrupted regularly scheduled programming. CNN went wall to wall with O.J. Matt Drudge fired up his siren. Geraldo took off his shirt.

Over the past couple of decades, this war for eyeballs has been fought across an ever-expanding territory. With the advent of the modern web, online publications and blogs competed to dominate your laptop screen. But with the rise of mobile, the battleground has become infinite. No matter where you are or what you’re doing—eating, drinking, watching a movie—the news has access to you. Stories roll in on push notifications and social media streams in a nonstop look-at-me barrage, all of them lighting up the same small screen. There is only one true channel now, and it’s probably in your pocket (or hand) at this very moment.